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Aug 3, 2020

Want to see what Quality Content and a good social strategy can achieve? 

In this episode, Parker is breaking down just the beginning of our strategy around creating good content - especially video content!

1) Check your lighting & sound quality - and don't be afraid to record a test video to make sure you sound okay, detect any of your bad habits, and to make sure there are no weird shadows or bright spots!

2) Make sure you have good "actual" content in your video - speak with a purpose and know your Perfect Person! Don't forget a clear call to action!

3) Know the data - what platform are you using and what does your audience look for on that platform? 

4) Watch yourself improve - when you watch your own content (even when it's painful!) you will get better! You'll notice your areas of opportunity to improve and then you can work on them.

5) Repurpose content. As long as you know how to use content effectively on each platform, there's no reason you can't do a little editing here and there to re-use the same content across multiple platforms!


Create Quality Content: 5-Day Challenge
By Parker Stelly

What will you learn? You will learn how to create high quality video content that can be repurposed and reused for multiple platforms. Whether it be Facebook lives or recorded videos - we will walk you through the tools, guide you through the steps, and teach you the important metrics to keep an eye on.

When is the challenge? August 24-28th at 6pm CST each day.

How much is the challenge? The 5 day challenge is a one time payment of $20.