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Aug 31, 2020

This week, Damon is giving you 6 Tips to grow your Community of Customers!

1. Listen to your community! They will point blank tell you what they want and need, and what their pain points are. 

2. Keep the content engaging! Use your platforms wisely.

3. Be SEARCHABLE. Make sure you are using SEO terms in titles, posts, and SEO fields!

4. Make it PERSONAL. People want to do business with other PEOPLE.

5. Don't just build a community on borrowed ground - make sure you're building an e-mail list and pushing your community to your own website.

6. Turn your best customers into BRAND ADVOCATES!


For more information on the 4-Day Challenge to help raise funds for those impacted by Hurricane Laura, check out: 

Or, text Damon directly at 504-553-3451 and include the word BOW.