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Sep 14, 2020

This week Damon interviewed Brooke Riley of Re-fabbed. Brooke started her blog and her Facebook community at the same time, and she's setting the record straight that blogging is not dead and that it can still be profitable! As long as we are consistent and strategic.

Damon and Brooke discuss the importance of building a community, using live video - even when it's not perfect, and how to get around that fear of imperfection... and even to embrace it! 

And, as usual, let's get clear on one thing: collaboration over competition, y'all! There's enough room for all of us to have success on the internet, Brooke says, because there are billions of people out there! You only have to target a group of them in order to have massive success online.

So what's coming next for Brooke and Re-fabbed? A kids' clothing line, perhaps a doggie clothing line (thanks to Damon's pressure - err.... suggestion!), more live events (post pandemic!), and more. Check out the Re-fabbed blog, boutique, and subscription box below!



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