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Sep 28, 2020

On this week's episode, Parker and Roberto Candelaria are talking all about maximizing relationships in order to network and grow your business!

Everyone needs relationships to succeed in business - whether that's building a network for sponsors, affiliates, or building your own community... it's essential to build authentic relationships with the people around you.

There are tons of people around you, and you are building relationships with them - either intentionally or unintentionally - all the time. So it is critical to consider what you want to be known as - or known for. Who do you want to be?

Roberto believes you need to be asking yourself a few other important questions, as well. What do you bring to the table? And what do you hope to get from the table? It's not just about making sales, it's about finding more people you can serve, and also about making connections with people who can serve you.

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