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Oct 5, 2020

Can you believe this is already EPISODE 32?! Y'all, time flies when you're having fun.

Parker sat down to recap all the amazing content that has been covered so far in the podcast. Here's a quick reference in case there's an episode you want to go back and check out (or listen again!):

Episode 001 - 6 Tips to Battle Impostor Syndrome

Episode 002 - Getting Started, Failure, and the BIGGEST Myth about Business that NEEDS to be Busted!

Episode 003 - Introduction to Subscription Boxes (Sarah Williams)

Episode 004 - Story of a Maker (Kari Gustafson)

Episode 005 - Story of a Maker (Clara-Nicole)

Episode 006 - Intro to Facebook Ads (Gretchen Wheeler)

Episode 007 - How to Sell More on Etsy (Lauren Kilgore)

Episode 008 - Who is my Perfect Person? (WIMPPs)

Episode 009 - Let Making Bring You Joy (Andrea Brown)

Episode 010 - Building a Community on Instagram (Warren Carlyle)

Episode 011 - Story of a Maker (Rhonda Nickerson) 

Episode 012 - Scaling Your Business with Assistants

Episode 013 - Story of a Maker (Christine Jerry)

Episode 014 - Intro to SEO (Christine Jerry)

Episode 015 - Story of a Maker (Mellie Mel)

Episode 016 - Creating Quality Video Content

Episode 017 - Community over Competition (Tamara Bennett)

Episode 018 - Quick Win Weekend

Episode 019 - Story of a Maker (Amy Smith)

Episode 020 - SIO (Simplify, Implement, Optimize)

Episode 021 - Story of a Maker (Zach Hufnagel)

Episode 022 - 3 Keys to Selling Online

Episode 023 - Parker's Tips for Youtube Success

Episode 024 - Community of Customers

Episode 025 - Create with Your Customers (Jillian Leslie)

Episode 026 - Making Content for the Platform (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Pinterest, Blogging)

Episode 027 - Using Live Video & Embracing Imperfection (Brooke Riley)

Episode 028 - Makers and Trademarks (Emily D. Baker)

Episode 029 - All Things MLM (Marissa Sayers)

Episode 030 - Maximize the Power of Relationships (Roberto Candelaria)

Episode 031 - Selling Digital Products (Joy)


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